php-Console with Chrome and WordPress

Google Browser Chrome and their Chromium project are becoming more popular. Initially it was the speed of Chrome, which made it so popular but now also the extensions are getting in the focus of the users. Nowadays the extension market of Chrome is full of very useful extensions. Of course there are also many enhancements in the context of web development that have helped Firefox to fame.

In the field of PHP development, I've always looked at several solutions, played with different options and in the end I'm sitting in front of a browser with IDE, XDebug or some of my own extensions. In Firefox I have used FirePHP in various areas, more information about it can be found in this article. Alternatively I also wrote about the debugConsole. Therefore it was natural to browse for a solution in the environment of Chromium. You will be able to find some interesting topics about it and I would like to introduce php-console and show how to integrate it in WordPress via Plugin.
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WPEngineer Mentioned in WordPress Plugin Development Book

We just want to say thank you to Ozh, Justin Tadlock and Brad Williams, that they mentioned our website in their new book Professional WordPress Plugin Development. We are just one of a few recommendations in this book and we really appreciate that. We didn't read the book yet, but we are pretty sure that the content is excellent and has some really neat tips to write your own Plugins. You can check it out here.

FYI we don't use an affiliate link, so we are not biased. It's just a way to say thank you!

WordPress Framework HTML5

WordPress Framework Xtreme One with a World Premiere – HTML5!

WordPress Framework HTML5Earlier today the new version 1.1 of the WordPress Framework Xtreme One was released. Including a world premiere:

Optional Output of HTML5

Xtreme One is the first and only WordPress Framework/Theme, which is able to output HTML5 if you want to. Just with a simple click in your backend! Therefore Xtreme One is ready for the future of website programming.

The HTML5 elements of the main container like header, teaser, sidebars, footer and site info are adjustable via a select box. Additionally the Widgets and the WordPress Gallery were improved to meet the requirements of HTML5.

Title Elements can be chosen as you like to

Another nice new feature is to be able to select the elements for blog title, description, sidebar and widget titles.

WordPress 3.1 Ready

Of course Xtreme One 1.1 will be compatible with the upcoming WordPress version 3.1!

Get the most innovative WordPress Framework now and be ready for the future in website programming!