Linux Programming Fonts

I’m working on different systems and every system uses different fonts in their editor. I like to introduce some fonts in Linux and it might help you to find your favorite. This is not an article about WordPress directly, but many of us using an editor for the most time, while developing with WordPress.

A similar article, more for Windows user, written by Jeff, can be found in his post Revisiting Programming Fonts.

As an example I created a little script, which doesn’t do anything, but it demonstrate the fonts nicely. I’m using the IDE Aptana, it’s very nice to work with; as of right now version 2.*; the coming version 3 offers many new features and can be tested as beta.

I used for all fonts the same size and also the screenshots are the same.

While I’m very happy with Droid on the system, I’m using Monospace in my editor. In Windows I’m using Consolas, 11 points regular.

Monospace 11 Regular

Andale mono 11 Regular

Courier New 11  Regular

Verdana 11 Regular

Inconsolata 11 Regular

Free mono 11 Regular

Droid 11 Regular

DejaVu 11 Regular





5 responses to “Linux Programming Fonts”

  1. Jeff Waugh Avatar

    “Monospace” is just a fontconfig alias. On your machine, it is most likely mapped to DejaVu Sans Mono.

  2. Dustin Montgomery Avatar

    I use the default usually, unless it is really odd.

    Courier New is the default for Notepad++ on windows, works just fine, though Mono has caught my eye before..

  3. Paulo Avatar

    Proggy tiny (bold func) 12pt is my choice, both in Win and Linux systems:

    Hope you like it.

  4. Frank Avatar

    Thanks for reply and tipps.

    @Mike: Mensch its great.