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WordPress Framework Xtreme One with a World Premiere – HTML5!

WordPress Framework HTML5Earlier today the new version 1.1 of the WordPress Framework Xtreme One was released. Including a world premiere:

Optional Output of HTML5

Xtreme One is the first and only WordPress Framework/Theme, which is able to output HTML5 if you want to. Just with a simple click in your backend! Therefore Xtreme One is ready for the future of website programming.

The HTML5 elements of the main container like header, teaser, sidebars, footer and site info are adjustable via a select box. Additionally the Widgets and the WordPress Gallery were improved to meet the requirements of HTML5.

Title Elements can be chosen as you like to

Another nice new feature is to be able to select the elements for blog title, description, sidebar and widget titles.

WordPress 3.1 Ready

Of course Xtreme One 1.1 will be compatible with the upcoming WordPress version 3.1!

Get the most innovative WordPress Framework now and be ready for the future in website programming!





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  1. Lulzmunkie Avatar

    Xtreme to the MAX! Totally rad man!