Memory Size of xxx Bytes Exhausted – It’s Really Annoying

Since the release of version 3.0 of WordPress more people are seeking for help because of this problem: My memory limit is exhausted! I also had some problems while testing my Plugin Codestyling Localization with the new version when it was editing a large Plugins or WordPress itself.

So I started to research the problem, read other articles about this topic, made some tests and found out some surprising results.
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Use WordPress Shortcodes outside the Editor

The Shortcode-API can help to make your Editor more advance especially with the help of Shortcodes to insert external content to your posts or pages easily. There are many possibilities, as you can see in this example Easy Way For Advertisement.

But if sometimes you like to use a Shortcode in your Template or just don't like to put it in the Editor, for example you like to insert it in the Custom Field or somewhere else. There is a function in WordPress which helps you to insert a shortcode somewhere else besides your Editor.
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Back On Track!

Some of you might notice that we had heavy problems with our website and our provider last week because of too much traffic. Finally we pulled the plug and acquired our own server to serve our readers with a better performance of our website and without having any downtime. Please let us know if anything is not working after the transfer to the new server.

Sorry to all our readers and advertising partner for any inconvenience and we hope we won't have any problems like this in the future. So we will have more time to write more in depth tutorials, hacks or tricks about WordPress! 🙂

Thanks a lot!