Back On Track!

Some of you might notice that we had heavy problems with our website and our provider last week because of too much traffic. Finally we pulled the plug and acquired our own server to serve our readers with a better performance of our website and without having any downtime. Please let us know if anything is not working after the transfer to the new server.

Sorry to all our readers and advertising partner for any inconvenience and we hope we won’t have any problems like this in the future. So we will have more time to write more in depth tutorials, hacks or tricks about WordPress! 🙂

Thanks a lot!






6 responses to “Back On Track!”

  1. Oliver Schlöbe Avatar

    Now that the server is up and running, next thing to do would be to sue the guys for stealing your logo style and font… kind of. 🙂

  2. Boba Avatar

    @Oliver – Completely agree. And BMW should sue Mercedes for making those 4 wheels thing that people use to go to places faster, it looks like BMW’s cars.

    I mean cmn, the logo is blue and they use a similar logo on few places. That’s all.

  3. Oliver Schlöbe Avatar

    @Boba: Forgot to close the sarcasm tags, sorry. 🙂


  4. Andrew B Avatar

    Curiousity though, what post/s was it that was receiving lots of traffic?

  5. Frank Avatar

    At first is the most fraffic on hte feed, not an specialy post

  6. Samuel Avatar

    Happy to see that I can add your feed to Netvibes again! 😀