WordPress 2.8 – Small Insights

WordPress sticks to the publication date in April this year. In advance, I would like to briefly mention some innovations, which from my personal point of view are quite exciting.

  • New Template Tag: the_modified_author()
    In the use of different authors long awaited, in 2.8 available
  • Widget API
    Widgets have been loved by most users and tolerated by developers. The new API will simplify it and the access to the class makes this possible. This means that multiple instances now finally possible.
  • Optimized loading of JavaScript
    Since 2.7 is clean and checked loading of JS involved. Additional functions provide a control of the loading process and dependency. Now, via WordPress, scripts are going to summarized and returned in a single call. You can also include scripts in the footer now, directly through the targeted functions.
  • More options, when making the frontend, with the new Template Tag body_class()
  • SimplePie in Core
    With version 2.8 Magpie is removed and the well-known SimplePie project comes into the core; in my view in relation to use of feeds, especially in the ATOM standard, a lot more comfortable.

What are your most exciting innovations in 2.8?

Filter caption-Shortcode in WordPress

The title may not speak for itself and therefore I will explain a little more on the topic and do not just put a code snippets on this post.

If you use the „Mediauploader“ in WordPress not just to load images, but also for integration in the post or page, then a Shortcode will be created and be insert in the content if you leave a picture title for this picture. The title should be maintained, because it will be used as alt-attribute to the img-Tag.

Not every user is satisfied with this issue and I'll show, how you can change the output.
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Key Of Our Success?

key-to-successOn Monday we asked for your support of WPEngineer and DanJohn left a very interesting question in the comment section, which we thought deserves an own post to answer this question.

"What do you think really helped you succeed?"

Before we list our reason, why we think you read this blog, we also like you to ask, why are you reading our blog. Please let us know your reasons, we are eager to know what makes us worth reading.

We probably cannot give you a certain answer to his question, but we came up with some plausible reasons,which might helped us to succeed:

  1. First and foremost we do it for fun, we are 3 WordPressjunkies who love to work with WordPress!
  2. We write about what we can do best: hack, improve, change, invent anything in WordPress, because it's fun and we do it without any pressure of getting popular!
  3. We don't provide the usual stuff (Top 10 WordPress Plugins, How To Add an image in your posts, ....), we try to provide quality, which is not always interesting for the mainstream WordPress user but appreciated by our fellow readers.
  4. We are not aiming to reach most readers as we can, we write also about unpopular topics, which is only interesting for a small group of WordPress users and developers.
  5. We are providing topics with backgrounds more to a niche, to advanced WordPress users and WordPress developers.
  6. Longtime experience with our own blogs.
  7. We are a team which supports each other, everybody has different strengths.
  8. We knew each other before this website and we all were anxious to do something like this. The motivation were and still is very high.
  9. We are writing about WordPress in German since several years, thus we put our experience into this blog.
  10. We don't have any stress, we write when we feel like to write about something, no tight schedule, which we have to accomplish.
  11. Every code snippet gets proofed and is not just copied.
  12. We write for us and our fellow readers, we like to share and start discussions and get our readers involved in our topics, with one goal - to make WordPress even better.
  13. Thoroughly explanation of the code with background instead of a short code snippet without explanation and we leave you alone with it.
  14. The ads on our website are just a bonus and not the reason why we have this blog.
  15. We like to have the ads as a compensation for our families, since they have to tolerate our time we spend on writing for WPEngineer. We use the money to invite our families to a nice dinner once a while or something else.
  16. We were eager to see how the English speaking community would like our posts and how the response would be. It was a challenge and pleasure to provide quality posts from Germany to the rest of the world.
  17. Micha is also writing a new kind of WordPress theme, which will be pretty impressive, and Frank writes many WordPress plugins. Both bring in their excellent experience in creating themes and plugins.

What do you think?

The question is also, are we successful, can we do better? What do you think, what is the reason of our success or what can we improve? Let us know, we looking forward to hear from our readership!

Maybe you should also ask yourself, why is your website successful, or why not? Ask your fellow readers the same question! I'm sure it will be a start of an interesting conversation with your readers.

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Add Links To WordPress List Pages

Not infrequently, the menus on blogs, created with WordPress, having static links. This may initially seem easier and less trouble, but if changes or maintenance by users who have no knowledge or access to the templates occur, it is cumbersome and error prone. Therefore I prefer to use the necessary template tags and using the help of parameters that are not desirable (exclude) or desired (include) pages load. In addition, you can add content via the Hook, which I will explain briefly.

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