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Growing from a monthly visitor count of 479 in September 2008, we now reach over 9372 readers worldwide a month, and it doesn’t stop growing.

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Our Current Site Statistics

Google Page Rank: 4

Alexa Rank: 67556

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  • February 9372
  • January 7972
  • December 5814
  • November 6750
  • October 3773
  • September 479

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6 responses to “Support WPEngineer!”

  1. John (Human3rror) Avatar

    holy smokes. that’s an amazing growth! what do you think really helped you succeed?

    also, why use buysellads? they take 25%, right? why not do it yourself?

  2. Alex Avatar

    Hey John, we know it’s %25, which is a pretty big steak, we probably also going to do offer the spots directly via paypal.

    And thanks for the very interesting question, what the key of our success is. I will answer this question shortly, watch out for a new post 😉

  3. Alex Avatar

    Hey John and everybody else, check out the new post

    Love to hear your opinion!

  4. Alex Avatar

    @Basti, japp, haben wir auch schon gesehen und wollte darüber berichten von wem die wohl inspiriert wurden. Vielen Dank aber für deinen Hinweis, sind wir wohl nicht die einzigen gewesen, die der Meinung waren 🙂

    Sorry, wrote in German, don’t know what drugs I had in my breakfast this morning. 😉

    I meant, yeah, we saw it already and we already have a little post in the pipe, curious where they got inspired from. 😛

    Thanks for your notice, looks like ware are not the only ones who thought that looks familiar. 🙂

  5. Ramona Avatar

    How do you solve displaying the stats, like
    * PageRank: 5
    * Monthly Visits/Unique: 68.000/47.800 (average 1600+ visitors per day) and we start this blog on september 2008
    * Alexa Rank: 43,525
    * Compete Rank: 105.146
    * Yahoo Inbound Links: 16,492 ?