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It's not uncommon that a blog runs by different authors, so it may be useful if you can have a quick look at the drafts of all authors. In our joint blog WP Engineer we created a feed, which keeps us up to date if a new draft of all authors were created.

The work of every author is different and the dashboard is the center of information. Therefore we have decided to supplement a widget in the Dashboard, which shows the last five drafts of all authors. I enhanced the existing Plugin Draft Feed.

  • It provides a feed of all drafts
  • And the last 5 drafts of all authors in the Dashboard.

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wp topics – Most Relevant News, Useful Tutorials And Influential Voices of WordPress in One Place!

Today we have a little link tip for our readers: At wp topics you can find all useful news, hacks, tutorials about WordPress in one place right away! It's organized by "General News", "Coding & Tutorials", "Design & Themes", "Entrepreneurs", "Multimedia" and "Automattic Team". In each category are the most relevant and interesting websites about WordPress listed. You can also vote for each website, how much you like their content.


The website looks very organized and it's easy to find what you are looking for. Thanks to Darren Hoyt who build this website! Check it out and we wouldn't mind if you vote for WP Engineer as a good resource, you can find us under Coding & Tutorials. πŸ˜‰

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More Memory For WordPress – More Information About WordPress

WordPress is growing and growing, with the growing of WordPress the demand of memory is also growing. The standard use is WordPress 32MByte (see settings.php ), which is not even provided by every hoster today. This is a problem - therefore: Lovely Hoster, give users more memory!

But also to use the memory, it requires a small syntax extension in the configuration of WordPress.
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