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  • Build A WordPress 2.8 Widget With The New Widget API

    One of the main changes in WordPress 2.8 is the new widget API. This API is fully object oriented and provides the programmer all the necessary functions to create a WordPress widgets. Also, it now allows multiple use of each widget.

  • WordPress: Working With Options

    Options in WordPress are in an extra options table (with Prefix before) stored. Options include the blog name, which theme is used, etc.. Plugins define their settings as options. A simple example of how options can be accessed:

  • Secure Your Mail With WordPress Antispambot Function

    A little-known feature in WordPress is antispambot() from the wp-includes/formatting.php. It is a kind obfuscator of the email address. It doesn’t create a clickable mailto link. Our e-mail with antispambot in the source code looks like this:

  • Removing WordPress Login Design

    In a previous post, I showed the possibility, how to use WordPress in regard to Corporate Identity. For example adjusting the login area. This shouldn’t be a tough task with the according articles. Create Your Own WordPress Login Design 10 Checks to the Perfect WordPress theme In both cases I didn’t talk about how to…

  • Adding A Private Page Into The Navigation

    If you use pages which have the state private, they will not be shown in the navigation. Nevertheless it can make sense to show this specific page in the navigation, if you want to provide easy access to this page for your users. The page should only appear to privileged users for sure. I will…

  • Use JavaScript Libraries In And Of WordPress

    If you develop in and for WordPress, it’s advisable to use a library of the core and a Plugin for the the library with the desired effect. Same for theme and Plugin authors. If you use a function of WordPress to implement JavaScript, you will have less complications and the compatibility between Plugins is much…