Batch Plugin-Update in WordPress 2.9

In the past we have already informed you a little bit about the new features of the upcoming 2.9 version of WordPress – the development does not stop and the next version has many minor changes. Improvements in security, administration.

WordPress 2.9 will have the possibility to update all your Plugins, which have an update available, in one step.
That makes maintenance work with customer’s and on your own blog more simple and faster. As a little insight, here is a screenshot of the current beta.


New Feature for WordPress 2.9 – WordPress Image Editor


We already wrote about some new features, such as new filter and the Trash-function in WordPress. It has long been known that WordPress 2.9 will add some features for image editing – the users want these features, right in the core and not as a Plugin. You can get a first insight into the current development version. Since not everybody is working with it, here are some screenshots of the editor for images. The screenshots certainly speak for themselves:



2009 Open Source CMS Award: Vote For WordPress!

The 2009 Open Source CMS Award nominations have begun. Nominate your favorite CMS for the appropriate categories today and help them win their share of $24,000!

The first two years the results were pretty boring and obvious: Drupal first and Joomla 2nd. Would be great to see WordPress on top of it or at least between them.

So go and nominate first! You can nominate for WordPress Best Overall Open Source CMS and Best Open Source PHP CMS.

Support WordPress and let the others know which one is the best CMS!