WordPress Admin UI Ideas

WordPress 2.7 is coming with a new backend design. The UI has on the left side the navigation and quite a lot changes to offer.

Since version 2.5 it’s already possible to adjust your backend design to your settings. There are many Plugins already out there, which helps the user to adjust their admin to their needs. But mostly are just for color changing or other minor backend changes instead of improving usability.
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WordPress 2.7 Optimize The Management

The development of Version 2.7 is going well and the release date is not so far away anymore. Beginning November is the release of the new version planned. Today I would like to show you the new management area for posts and pages for WordPress 2.7.

In the new overview of pages or posts you can edit meta data without entering every page or post. This comfort only existed if you use this Plugin. The management becomes more flexible and faster. It is realized with the help of JavaScript and Library jQuery.
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