WordPress 2.7 Optimize The Management

The development of Version 2.7 is going well and the release date is not so far away anymore. Beginning November is the release of the new version planned. Today I would like to show you the new management area for posts and pages for WordPress 2.7.

In the new overview of pages or posts you can edit meta data without entering every page or post. This comfort only existed if you use this Plugin. The management becomes more flexible and faster. It is realized with the help of JavaScript and Library jQuery.

manage posts

Furthermore the user can define which columns of the table he wants to see. Some users won’t need some data and get a better overview in their backend.

manage pages

WordPress listens to their users and develop WordPress more and more to a CMS.
Similar functionality gets the “Write” area. You can also adjust what you need. Also the drag & drop of the boxes is available again and you can make your own preferences.

adjust write area

If the backend keeps the current navigation and colors like in version 2.5 isn’t sure yet. As well the descriptions in the menu are changing several times, right now is the use of CrazyHorse-Design only a study and the goal is to have a drop down menu.

In the development community is a big discussion about integration of multilingual backend in all areas, for example description and other meta data of Plugins. Until now you can only list Plugins in one language in your backend, mostly in English. To have a clean and organized backend, there should be all areas multilingual. There are several ways of solutions with extremely different effects. It’s really good, that users talk about this topic and help to improve a solution for it.

Unfortunately you cannot deactivate many functions, which you might not need. Until now WordPress is growing continuously. The user gets more features but it also is more confusing and over loaded. This is not always useful and makes working with WordPress more difficult even though it makes WordPress a big and powerful platform. This is only my opinion, but maybe we get a lightweight WordPress in the future with many options easily to add on.