Comment Pagination And Reply Depth In WordPress 2.7

I checked out the current Trunk of WordPress 2.7. At first glance I noticed some cool features in the comment management.

In discussion settings you can adjust, after how many days a comment function should be disabled, also the reply depth of a comment is possible to define. Another additional feature is to set how many comments are displayed on each page. Here are some screenshots:

Discussion Settings

Wordpress 2.7 Discussion Settings

Reply Depth

WordPress 2.7 reply depth

Comment Pagination

Comment Pagination in WordPress 2.7

Even if the development isn’t finished yet, WordPress 2.7 has some new interesting features, which were only available with the help of several Plugins.





4 responses to “Comment Pagination And Reply Depth In WordPress 2.7”

  1. Rob Malon - Automate Websites Avatar

    With the exception of dynamic caching, and better user management roles, this is one of my must have features they added. Hopefully not too long before they add those too.

  2. Alex Avatar

    Hey Rob, we hope those features of better user management and dynamic caching are coming soon too.

  3. biber hapi Avatar

    nice plugin but do you really believe that is necessary ? IMO it will be tiring for hosting

  4. hunter Avatar

    Its nice to read that many people are using various methods to remove nofollow from their comments. I will use this method to remove nofollow and i will implement dofollow system on my blogs.