Category: WordPress Hacks

  • Image Metadata in WordPress

    WordPress saves some meta data of the uploaded images, as far as it is possible to extract them. I will show you how to display this infos right under the picture. All we need is one function in functions.php:

  • WordPress Plugin Deinstall Data Automatically

    In version 2.7 of WordPress you will have the possibility to delete a Plugin directly in your backend, see version 2.7 info. To delete also the Plugin data from your database, the Plugin author has to accomplish some requirements. I hope the following tutorial will help some Plugin authors and they will implement this feature […]

  • Expand Search Results In WordPress

    The search function in WordPress is expandable by many WordPress Plugins. For every desire something. But in this post I like to introduce a little code snippet, which doesn’t give you any of these functionality but shows the user how many posts where found including their search query. With this little but nice help, it […]

  • Easy Breadcrumb Navi With WordPress

    In a small series of tips and hacks of creating a theme, I will show you how to add a breadcrumb navi in your theme. This kind of navi has established in many websites and is an added value to a user friendly navigation.

  • Use WordPress 2.7 Offline

    The coming WordPress Version 2.7 has the popular required core update included. You can already try out the functions. But sometimes you don’t want or can’t work online. Here is a little workaround how to develop with WordPress 2.7 Beta offline.