Category: WordPress Hacks

  • Sticky Function in WordPress 2.7

    With WordPress 2.7 you are able to make a post sticky, so this particular post will be showed on the top always. Before that you had to use a Plugin. You can activate this setting for a post in the publish area, where you edit the publish date. It’s pretty easy to do. But what, […]

  • WPlize – A Class For Options In WordPress

    So what is WPlize and what is it for? WPlize is a class, which access the options table of WordPress and makes it easier to create, edit, get and delete preferences of a Plugin or theme in the options table of WordPress. Using this class improves the performances and create a clean code in Plugins […]

  • WordPress – Return URL

    I already talked in my article Determine Path To Plugin and Content Directories about the possibilities how to keep functions in themes or Plugins free from error if you rename a folder, for example wp-content. Since version 2.6 you can also solve this problem pretty easy with another function.

  • How To Highlight A Slogan In WordPress

    In this example I’m talking about how to display a specific company slogan in a certain color. This slogan is found in the header and content. Of course my client doesn’t want to put in span class=”foo” every time. This is what it should look like:

  • Show Amount Of Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, Comments For WordPress Themes

    It looks like showing total amount of posts, pages and some other statistical values are very popular right now. I received many inquiries how to show statistical values on your front end. Following solution only works with WordPress 2.5 or higher. If you need help for a lower version, let me know in the comment […]

  • Determine Path To Plugin and Content Directories

    If you like to write a Plugin and you want to keep it downward compatible, then check beforehand the constants, because since WordPress version 2.6 you can rename the folder wp-content and this will also change the path to the Plugin folder. Just a few lines of code are enough and you can work with […]