Plugin Review: Codestyling Localization

Heiko Rabe, a very talented Plugin-Developer created a plugin, which comes just in time: Codestyling Localisation. Since I am currently developing a premium WordPress theme, which I like to have multilingual, this plugin is an excellent alternative to PoEdit. Compare to PoEdit this Plugin has the decisive advantage that you can translate a theme or plugin directly online, without an installed PoEdit on your computer. Therefore you don’t have to constantly upload the language files, as they are directly in the theme / plugin stored.

The installation is very simple, as with any plugin, unpack, upload and activate. Then, under Tools in the backend, a new menu item “Localization” will be available. Clicking on it will list everything what is gettext capable or brings a language file with it.

manage language files

Localize your own Theme

To localize your own theme, you have to load an own texdomain in your theme:


With this code, the theme can be find by Codestyling Localization and you can add a new language. It displays a selection list from which you select the desired language. add new language A click on “create po-file” creates an empty .po-file in your theme folder. After that you have to make a rescan with the selected language, to search for the gettext capable text fragments. rescan After the rescan the catalog with the text fragments is available and you can start with the translation. fragment list

If you hover with your mouse over the PHP icon, it shows the files in which the text fragment occurs. This can be displayed on request. The Edit link takes you to the translation editor. Here, in addition to the manual translation is also the Google Translate API available if the API supports the language. The translated text will be insert directly. But don’t trust it will be 100% correct, it’s better to check it again.

edit catalog entry As soon as you click on save, it will update the .po-file. The generate .mo-file creates the .mo-file (machine object) and you are done with the localization.


An awesome Plugin with really great features, which is much better than PoEdit. Independent of your Computer and the possibility to use the Google Translation API are great advantages compare to PoEdit. A must have for every Plugin- and Theme Developer, who wants to offer their projects in several languages. Codestyling Localization at

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