Advent Calendar – WordPress, WPCron and the right Time

WordPress offers a pseudo-cronjob functionality, which allows the developer to execute scheduled events. For example, the whole Update Notification does it. In these so-called Scheduled Events you can define your own jobs. Thereby you should however pay attention to one important thing: time.

The wp-cron.php works outside the core and loads only the most important things and leaves all settings of WordPress open. In the Settings -> General set time zone is not included. wp-cron.php runs on UTC.

That means: Are we in the time zone of Berlin, the local time is UTC +1. Are we performing a scheduled event, it will always be one hour after the actual time we like to execute. To change this, we use the following function:

function get_offset_to_gmt_in_seconds() {

	$current_timezone_offset = get_option( 'gmt_offset' );
	$offset = $current_timezone_offset * 3600;

	return $offset;

Guest Post

This post is written by Thomas Herzog – and is a guest post on WP Engineer about WordPress.
Thank you very much from my part to Thomas. Please see his nice plugins on the official WordPress repository.
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