WordPress Jeopardy

The idea of a little game in WordPress came at the WordCamp Switzerland in early 2011. For an interactive session at the WordCamp Germany in Cologne in 2011, one of the creators Thomas, thought that it’d be nice to have a game-session.

On 24th of September started the first WordPress Jeopardy Game Session. For that, the whole room was divided in two teams to battle each other. The points were counted, but nobody really knows who won.

The WPJeopardy was made with WordPress features. Every answer is a post with its postmeta as questions and points. First of all, there’s a german game-pad. In future there will be some more different pads for several skills. Also, there will be a download-area with the theme and the playable pads.

The Background

First of all, the website is just a simple and clean WordPress instance. There’s a self-made theme. For the game-pad, there’s a customized template, which is very easy. We need a list of the post-categories and the posts, which are in the given category:

$x = 1;
$cat_args = array( 'parent' => 0 );
$categories = get_categories( $cat_args );
foreach ( $categories as $category ) :

	// Display headline of the category here

	$y = 1;
	$post_args = array( 'category' => $category -> term_id );
	$posts = get_posts( $post_args );
	foreach ( $posts as $post ) :
		// Display post answer, question and points here


The rest of it is simple CSS and jQuery with an onClick event and some positioning stuff. Well, in all, it’s not magic. It’s not even hard to understand how Jeopardy works.

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  1. chris

    nice, this one was another version of it at another word camp


  2. Jeff

    Yeah, this is almost identical to http://www.wpgameshow.com/ from WordCamp Detroit.

  3. Alex

    @Jeff, and Chris, yeah we saw that too, very well made. Maybe they got inspired by our idea when we presented it in September, or it was just a coincident. 🙂

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