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  1. Syed Balkhi

    Man, I think I liked the older version better. They could create tabbing but not this way. The tabs should’ve stayed the way it was before. All it needed was a little styling.

    O well. Will get used to of it.

  2. George Burley

    Whoever came up with this UI should be fired. It doesn’t scale, it’s clunky. Bad bad bad. Although I’m happy Menus will make 3.0, it will do so with a nasty UI.

  3. Ben Huson

    Your screengrabs above are a good illustration how unscalable the UI is. What if I have a third menu?

  4. Luke Rumley

    Excited. Hope this gets included, rough edges and all.

  5. Banago

    Just noticed it too. What is this WP trend of having the sidebar on the left – it is on the right everywhere else 🙂

  6. Slobodan Kustrimovic

    @Ben Huson – When there isn’t enough room for the tabs the whole thing will go bellow the “left sidebar” options.

    I tried to move that sidebar options to be horizontal so it would look better and be easier to use but they can only be aligned vertically. So, i’m not a big fan of this interface.

    But few css changes and jquery improvements here and there and it would be a lot better 🙂

  7. JhezeR

    Not bad but i think i like the 2.9 version nav menu..

  8. matt mcinvale

    in the rare instances that i’ll use this, it will fill a much needed gap in cms functionality. i have it up on a development site and it’s working quite well.

  9. Slobodan Kustrimovic

    @Ben – Here is a hack to fix that width issue.

  10. Christopher

    Very clunky looking, as compared to say Joomla’s menu manager. Also I tried creating a menu item and dragging it to the first position and took forever. It keep trying to become a sub menu item, or dragging between items is a challenge as well. Their should be an arrow to push items up, down, or numbers.

    Hopefully this is more focused on functionality before they focus on usability.

  11. eavasi

    That´s what I was looking for! Thank you so much! I’m waiting for WordPress 3.0 with bated breath!!! )))

  12. Ryan McCue

    Please note: This is beta, and will be changed before 3.0 is released. There’s a large notice in the admin to this effect, but it has been cropped out by the looks of it.

  13. ocean90

    As Ryan says, it’s beta.

    The screens doesn’t show the final UI, it has been changed the night, so the final UI will look like this:

  14. Michael

    Thanks ocean90 !

  15. eric


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