WordPress 3.0 Specific Author Templates

WordPress 3.0 Author TemplateIn WordPress 3.0 it will be possible to use specific author templates. The function get_author_template() has been expanded in wp-includes/theme.php.

Now you can create a author-michael.php or author-123.php, which will be called via the WordPress Template Hierarchy in connection to the author with user_nicename michael or ID 123. Basically the same funtionality as we known for categories.





7 responses to “WordPress 3.0 Specific Author Templates”

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  2. Rinaldi Syahran Avatar

    hmm nice sharing . i become know about this things at wordpress 3.0

  3. akhy Avatar

    i don’t really get it… isn’t there any clear example?
    i hope WP 3.0 will be launched soon, i’m very excited about this 😀

  4. sohneinesschwaben Avatar

    Nice Feature!

    @akhy .. uve to wait still a while .. a few month .. 😉

  5. New York Herald Avatar

    Any ETA when 3.0 might arrive?

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