Joomla Fireboard to WordPress WP-FORUM Converter

Not long ago, we introduced a script by Marco to convert your Joomla content to WordPress. Now Marco from adapted the script to convert your content of Joomla Fireborad to WordPress WP-Forum.

It works exactly like the Joomla converter, it is also not a “click & ready” script, basic knowledge of PHP are needed in order to achieve the conversion. It is important that the WP-Forum is empty before you start to convert.

Short instructions:

  1. Install WP-Forum in your WordPress system
  2. Create categories and sub-forums
  3. Download script, unpack and upload to the server
  4. Adjust the accompanying config.php
  5. Go through the settings in config.php step by step and set the preferences
  6. On line 37 / 38 enter the source ID of the Fireboard forum and the ID of the WP-Forum
  7. Execute the converter

After a successful conversion you should see something like this:

  • Converting Category 5 to 3
  • Processing 17 Threads
  • Inserted 17 Threads
  • Inserted 84 Posts

If it was successful, please repeat step 6 and 7 with all your forums.

Then you should be done!

You can download the script at the bottom of his German article.





2 responses to “Joomla Fireboard to WordPress WP-FORUM Converter”

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  2. Miz_Calamity Avatar

    I used the converter and for some reason it won’t work. I have everything filled out correctly in my config.php file and when I go to run it it says its
    “- Converting Category 19 to 5
    – Processing 16 threads
    – Inserted 0 threads
    – Inserted 0 posts”

    for whatever reason it isn’t converting the threads over and I can’t figure out why. Not sure if you can help or not but thought I would ask.