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It’s time to thank our loyal readers, without them, this website wouldn’t exist! Thank you very much for your great support!

And we don’t want to forget to say thank you to our loyal sponsors and welcome our new sponsors on WP Engineer!

We hope that you find the services and offers of our sponsors interesting and useful. All of them are WordPress or Design related, I guess a good fit for our readers:

Firehost provides for your WordPress installation a serious protection and that’s included in all their plans. They can show you a report of the hacking attempts that have been done on your site and you will be amazed at what they are blocking at the perimeter.

Nathan Smith of was “compromised” while at a previous hoster, moved to another popular host and had issues there as well, he has recently moved to their environment where he will not have these issues anymore.

If you need a reliable and secure hoster, Firehost is a great choice!

WishList Member is a powerful membership script that can turn any WordPress blog into a full blown membership site. Very interesting, you have to check it out.

wpSEO is a great Plugin for better SEO on your WordPress installation. Check it out and you will love it as Google will love your blog from now on. 😉 . Of course we are using it on too.

MakeBetterWebsites is a great gallery with a fine selection of high quality websites. All websites are handpicked and most of them I have first seen on this website instead of the usual suspects, seen on many other websites over and over again.

If you also interested to support our website, please go to and promote your service or product on WP Engineer

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  1. Jim Kite

    That last one is a horrible service and I hope that you’re not really supporting them.

    If there’s one thing wrong with the web right now it’s people trying to make money off of Private Label Rights content.

    “Hint: Changing or modifying PLR content makes the article ‘unique’ boosting traffic to your blog!”

    I appreciate good ads on your site and drawing my attention to services I might like to work with, but this is one advertiser not worth taking money from.

  2. Alex

    Hi Jim,

    you are absolutely right. When I created the post I also had big concerns about the Plugin. I wasn’t sure, if I should list it or not, that’s why I put in the list on the very last spot. Not long ago we got an offer of a similar Plugin, which asked to write a review about it and be our sponsor. We rejected it, because we think it’s a spam machine.

    We are also fed up with auto generated and stupid repeating content in the internet world, even though from humans. We want original posts!

    Unfortunately one of our team members did approve the ad, without really knowing what’s behind it. Which put me in the dilemma to write about it or not.

    I thought our readers are smart and creative enough not to use this Plugin, but to be fair, I put it on this list.

    To cut the story short, we took it off this list and won’t renew the sponsorship with them again.