Find WordPress Functions, Template Tags And More With WPSeek!

Check out WPSeek, a new tool to search for WordPress Functions, Template Tags, Function Sources, User notes and more. It’s a pretty handy tool to handle all kinds of search requests.


  • Results page
  • Neat Auto-suggest that maps its content from anywhere within the function name
  • Related Codex Documentation
  • Code Snippets
  • Top Google Search Results
  • User discussions
  • User Notes
  • AJAXified results page; no need to reload page on any operation

You can add as a search engine in your favourite browser. Look at the upper right of your browser.





7 responses to “Find WordPress Functions, Template Tags And More With WPSeek!”

  1. Peter Avatar

    WPSeek looks like a very cool service – I’m kicking myself for not thinking to put it together first!

    WordPress documentation is really all over the place, so having a centralized place to get at it ought to be very helpful.

    I’m noticing after searching through it a bit though, that some of the code snippets dont seem to match up – They don’t appear where specified in the xref install that is linked. Anybody else notice this, or am I just doing something wrong?

  2. Oliver Schlöbe Avatar

    Hey Alex, thanks for featuring my little service.

    @Peter: May you please provide a few examples concerning the code snippets don’t matching up with the xref install? Thank you!

  3. Peter Avatar

    Sure Oliver –

    As an example, if you do a search for update_post_meta, you’re presented with 3 code snippets – all of which appear to be function definitions.

    The first reference is listed at being at line 571 of wp-includes/post.php, and the second lists it as being at line 638 of the same file. Line 638 is the correct place – line 571 is something else.

    The last reference lists the same file, but at line 337, and the link is broken (it looks like there is one too many /wordpress in the url).

    Looks like a great service though, I’ll probably use it even if you dont get the bugs ironed out!

  4. Alex Avatar

    Hey Oliver, our pleasure to provide such a great service. Hope you get rid off the bugs, as Peter mentioned.

  5. Oliver Schlöbe Avatar

    Peter, I think I got most of the “code snippets” issues ironed out.

    The line number issue was a result of scanning 2.7.1 source code, and linking to a 2.8-bleeding-edge PHPXref install. I did setup my own PHPXRef install at now to minimize that kind of data inconsistency.

  6. Oliver Schlöbe Avatar

    As a quick follow-up:

    I just finished two things that should add some more value for WordPress developers:

    – A basic API:
    – An Ubiquity plugin to lookup any WordPress function with Firefox & Ubiquity: