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  1. Neri

    Yo me imagine lo mismo cuando lo vi

  2. Sascha

    It remembers me to Opera’s dev banner for Opera 10:

  3. Constantinos Kouloumbris

    You know what they say…. Great minds think alike…

  4. Stefano F. (tacone)

    They may have dropped you a few dimes for the ispiration. If they can’t pay for their own logo, where will they get the money to fund the ventures ? 🙂

  5. Rick

    Hard to say. The “drafting design on blue paper” is a pretty common motif on some design sites. Hard to say which one I like better. I just found your site through a tweet but I’ll definitely stick around and see what you have.

  6. Basti

    Hey, I got another one : )

  7. Claudia Regina

    “The “drafting design on blue paper” is a pretty common motif on some design sites.” [2]

  8. Alex

    @Neri, gracias 🙂

    @Sascha, yeah, like I said, looks like we set a trend 😉

    @Constandinos, thank you for the compliment!

    @Stefano, so true 😀

    @Rick, thanks for sticking around, hope you will like our future posts

    @Basti, funny, looks like all big companies going this way now, thanks for the link Basti!

  9. Anthony

    Nah, I don;t think so.
    It’s no snowflake IMO.

  10. Claudia Regina

    Sorry, didn’t want to be rude… xD

  11. Alex

    Hey Claudia, you were rude not at all, don’t worry 🙂

  12. Brett

    If the “G” were half colored with a pencil look and the “O”s looked like the gear in your .com, I’d be screaming bloody foul. However, it seems pretty innocent although similar.

    By the way, I have always loved your logo. I have visited and bookmarked your site several times and find it funny that it takes a post about your logo to bring me out of the woodwork. I like the way your logo matches the RSS feed icon and the tag at the bottom of the page. Very pleasing to the eye, but in a completely different way than a website such as

  13. Frederik

    Well, I think it is indeed inspired, but as you can imagine: Inspiration comes knocking your door when others think alike (as Constantinos already mentioned). By the way, I like the “plagiat” better because it is less a scribble than a header 🙂

  14. jharr

    You can go way back – and the very similar UPA 2007 logo I developed the UPA logo and then was told about the cocoa radio logo, having never seen it I about fell off my chair how similar the 2 were. Both created independently and yet almost a match.

  15. Alex

    @jharr, indeed, they are pretty similar, funny though. Just FYI, we also think that Google created their logo without knowing ours. I think it’s just a common style nowadays.

    @frederik, I really like the “plagiat” too

    @brett, thanks for the compliment. Glad a post like that made you write a comment. 🙂

  16. jean-marc

    Where the design mean something for wpengineers, I can’t really see a meaning of the “blueprint-engineered” stuff for a venture capital firm.
    Typical of the Google’s tasty way of approaching business…

  17. jordi


    every day I learn something. The inventor of blueprint are wpengineer and they have the original of this kind of corporate design.


    Probably Google knows you but i think exist a lot of logo that using this graphical resource and much better than you, but i can understand you and it’s so estimulating see other logos from a big company like google that seems a lot but apperf before you.

  18. Alex

    @jordi, true, it’s motivating that big companies goes the same way. And true, of course this kind of style existed way before WPEngineer was even an idea. 🙂