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  • Comment Form Hooks Visualized

    Most themes (e.g. TwentyTen) use the comment_form() function to insert the comment form after posts. There are quite some hooks inside the function but they are hard to localize. The codex documentation isn’t too helpful, neither. To give you an easy overview the following diagrams visualize the points where the various hooks are anchored. The […]

  • Post Formats – More Creative Ways For A Theme

    First day of our Advent Calendar we show tiny code snippets and brief informations for the Post Formats from WordPress version 3.1. Some theme authors wanted more defined formats – they wanted the feature “post formats”. This new functionality will be available in WordPress 3.1 and displays an additional meta-information. The Codex for this functionality […]

  • Use The Comments Of WordPress For More

    You might want to have comments displayed on different spots. For example, displaying the last x comments in a central template. This requires the latest comments or all comments on your site. This is a small solution that scans all the comments, or a certain number, and is supplied with markup.

  • Individual Design for any Page

    The blog has a Theme and for every page an extra style sheet. This current trend of individuality for each content is very common today. Even with WordPress, you can do so; there are several possibilities. One possibility is to create, based on the title, the individual stylesheet. By default, the class assignment of function […]

  • New feature in WordPress 2.9 – the_post_image()

    In WordPress 2.9, there will be the ability to add an image to a post, as it’s been known of magazine themes. The image need not be insert into the post. With the new feature the_post_image() you can use the new feature and thus control where to display.

  • WordPress Category Exists?

    Already tried in WordPress to check if a category exists? There is no Template Tag so you need to create your own solution. I have 3 different solutions prepared, although one solution only works within the framework of the admin area.