WordPress 2.8 Feature Password

WordPress 2.8 is going to be published soon, even though they do not have a date yet. Nevertheless, another small insight into a new feature. After a new installation of WordPress, you get informed that you are logged in with the default password and this can be a security risk. It is therefore strongly recommended to change the password. The necessary internal links to set a new password are included in this notice.


How To XSS Scanner – The Easy Way

An XSS scanner, simply be used as a bookmark – that is XSS Rays.
The tool is an open source tool that was written in JavaScript and can find cross-browser XSS vulnerabilities.

In the development process it can increase fast, simple and straightforwarded the safety. The tool can be easily put as a bookmark in the browser and scans links and paths. Alternatively, you can add new vectors. Definitely worth a bookmark. Download of application can be found on the website for XSS Rays.