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  • WordPress: Useful Default Configuration Settings Via Plugin

    Everybody who installs WordPress quite often knows the problem: You always have to do the same adjustments, for example deleting the Hello World post. That cost time and money. Our friend Thomas Scholz alias toscho had a simple but genius idea, he puts all needed option settings in a Plugin. Just activate the Plugin, deactivate…

  • Quick View on WordPress Settings

    In all versions of WordPress, there is the possibility to view all settings within the admin area of WordPress, but a menu link doesn’t exist. The page options.php enables to have a quick look at various options and also allows you to save settings. However, it must be said, WordPress stores more data in serialized…

  • WordPress: Working With Options

    Options in WordPress are in an extra options table (with Prefix before) stored. Options include the blog name, which theme is used, etc.. Plugins define their settings as options. A simple example of how options can be accessed: