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  • Change WordPress Mail Sender

    WordPress makes it easy and fast to add new users in the backend. Since version 2.8 of WordPress, it can send the access information via email. A nice feature, with no additional settings to change the sender of this email. For example the email should be send from the administrator instead from WordPress. Nevertheless, there […]

  • Correct Pagination with get_posts

    If you like to show your posts a little bit different on your homepage or category page. For example having a different amount of posts showing on these pages, as it is set in your admin, you will get a problem with the pagination function. Because WordPress and several paging Plugins use $wp_query->max_num_pages.

  • Different Favicons For Backend And Frontend

    Do you have the same problem? We all have a lot tabs open, especially of our own blogs and all tabs look the same, since there is the same favicon for backend and frontend in your tabs. It can be annoying to click around to find the admin tab between all the opened tabs of […]

  • Secure Your Mail With WordPress Antispambot Function

    A little-known feature in WordPress is antispambot() from the wp-includes/formatting.php. It is a kind obfuscator of the email address. It doesn’t create a clickable mailto link. Our e-mail with antispambot in the source code looks like this:

  • Adding A Private Page Into The Navigation

    If you use pages which have the state private, they will not be shown in the navigation. Nevertheless it can make sense to show this specific page in the navigation, if you want to provide easy access to this page for your users. The page should only appear to privileged users for sure. I will […]

  • Easy Breadcrumb Navi With WordPress

    In a small series of tips and hacks of creating a theme, I will show you how to add a breadcrumb navi in your theme. This kind of navi has established in many websites and is an added value to a user friendly navigation.