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  • Change the Search-URL of WordPress

    With WordPress it is easy to activate readable URLs. Only the search page is not affected by the setting yet, it comes with the syntax ?s as default. But there is a solution to change the URL as you wish. The following example shows that even if you have permalinks activated, that the URL for…

  • Load A Stylesheet Only If Use Gallery

    In relation to the better Gallery it is actually not necessary to load the stylesheet if there is no gallery, so it is worth it to check in advance whether the gallery will be used in the post or not. For this you have to parse the post which can be done in two ways.

  • Exclude A Category From Turn Off Comments Automatically

    Exclude A Category From Turn Off Comments Automatically

    Thanks to our post New Ideas For 2010? Now It’s Your Turn! we got an email form one of our loyal sponsors Chris Coyier.

  • A Solution For The WordPress Gallery

    There are things in WordPress, I do not like. This includes the gallery. Not that the idea behind it is bad. It is just poorly implemented. But only criticizing is not fair. Let’s see what you can do better.

  • Set options on activation Themes

    The Photo Blog Theme Greyfoto has been updated and I wanted to make sure that the settings of WordPress are as I need them for the theme. Therefore must be written some data in the database when activate. Currently there is no hook for this, as is known for Plugins. The discussion on WP-Hacker-List was…

  • Themes and automatic_feed_links

    Since WordPress 2.8, there is the function automatic_feed_links() in the function.php. Which writes the link elements for the RSS protocols in the header of the document. The advantage of this feature is, you do not need to worry about whether a change comes in the Feed-protocoll in a new version of WordPress, removed or a…