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  • Search Form in WP Nav Menu

    Search Form in WP Nav Menu

    The WP Nav Menu is very popular and WordPress users love to implement their content in the navigation that way. Many users also like to have a search field in their navigation. In this context I found some horrible written solutions to implement the search field in the navigation. That’s why I thought I write…

  • Remove Menu Item in WordPress Admin Panel

    With WordPress Version 3.1 two new functions were added which makes it easier to remove menu- and submenu-entries in WordPress Admin Panel. These functions removing entries of the menu-tree remove_menu_page or submenus – remove_submenu_page.

  • Publish Your Posts Later On Your Website

    I explained quite a while ago about publishing a feed with a certain delay. Of course you can do this also for your frontend. Thus, the content will be published to the reader only after a certain period of time. A little script as an example will show you how.

  • New Plugin to Style your Plugin on WordPress Admin with Default Styles!

    WordPress is developing fast – this also applies to the design of the backend. So it is important not to use your own styles in the admin area and use tags and classes of WordPress. This is the best way you can simplify your work as a developer and you don’t have to test the…

  • WordPress MultiSite, Plugins and Activation

    WordPress MultiSite, Plugins and Activation

    WordPress offers for normal Plugins the hook register_activation_hook();. This is active right after the activation of a Plugin, so you can start small installation scripts. But if we are in a MultiSite environment (old: MultiUser) and put the Plugin in the folder wp-content/mu-plugins, then the hook doesn’t do anything, because the Plugin is automatically activated.…

  • Localization with JavaScript in WordPress

    Creating Plugins and Theme functions with multilanguage capability has been established knowadays.Especially for us as German developers it is a must have. But there are some difficulties if you are using JavaScript, the question is how to provide it multilingual or provide option values in different languages. WordPress offers some possibilities and I like to…