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  • Activate WordPress Plugins Automatically via a Function

    Activate WordPress Plugins Automatically via a Function

    WordPress stores the active Plugins in the database table options, field activate_plugins, so it is easy to change this value to activate various Plugins by WordPress; either as a Plugin solution after setting up a new installation or because some Plugins need some other Plugins.

  • Comment Length Limiter

    Comment Length Limiter

    If you have used Twitter, then you know that you are only allowed to type 140 characters in a single Tweet. There is a nice little number below the text field indicating how much is left to write.

  • Advent Calendar- How to disable comments for WordPress pages in any theme

    Advent Calendar- How to disable comments for WordPress pages in any theme

    Usually you don’t need comments on pages. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t offer a separate option to leave comments on posts on and turn them off for pages. If your theme calls comments_template(); in its page.php and you don’t want to break automatic updates, you cannot just remove the function call, because it will be overwritten with […]

  • How to Add and Deactivate the new Feature Pointer in WordPress 3.3

    With WordPress version 3.3 comes with the Feature Pointer a well-known idea from other tools. We know this for example from Gmail or Google Doc where they notice you of new features, in which they point with bubbles to these new features. In WordPress 3.3, the Admin Bar has been redesigned successfully – I think […]

  • Change the Search-URL of WordPress

    With WordPress it is easy to activate readable URLs. Only the search page is not affected by the setting yet, it comes with the syntax ?s as default. But there is a solution to change the URL as you wish. The following example shows that even if you have permalinks activated, that the URL for […]

  • WordPress Custom Post Types Get Into The Loop

    WordPress started a new era with the Custom Post Types for developers in the WordPress environment. The possibilities are numerous and primarily from the knowledge of the developer dependent. Nevertheless, there are so many tutorials how to use Custom Post Types in WordPress, but that is not enough – at least not in most cases […]