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  • Image Metadata in WordPress

    WordPress saves some meta data of the uploaded images, as far as it is possible to extract them. I will show you how to display this infos right under the picture. All we need is one function in functions.php:

  • WordPress Admin UI Ideas

    WordPress 2.7 is coming with a new backend design. The UI has on the left side the navigation and quite a lot changes to offer. Since version 2.5 it’s already possible to adjust your backend design to your settings. There are many Plugins already out there, which helps the user to adjust their admin to…

  • wp_page_menu in WordPress 2.7

    New in WordPress 2.7 is the template tag wp_page_menu(). This function creates a page navigation. As parameter you can add a menu “Home” with show_home , or whatever you like.

  • wp_list_comments In WordPress 2.7

    The comment functionality enhances quite a bit in WordPress 2.7. Additional to the possiblility to answer comments directly in your backend, there is also a threaded comment support available. Threaded comments enables users to reply on an exist comment, and the discussion will be displayed threaded or nested. Below you can see a screenshot from…

  • WordPress Plugin Deinstall Data Automatically

    In version 2.7 of WordPress you will have the possibility to delete a Plugin directly in your backend, see version 2.7 info. To delete also the Plugin data from your database, the Plugin author has to accomplish some requirements. I hope the following tutorial will help some Plugin authors and they will implement this feature…

  • WordCamp²

    The WordPress logo has established a certain status among the user. For the different WordCamps all around the world, the communities creating a logo for this event, mostly inspired by the WordPress logo. Here are some logos just to check them out and inspiration: