The Mega Collection – 15.000 icons

The Coffee Shop by ~RuizDesign

The Coffee Shop by ~RuizDesign

Two quick link tips with great value – 15.000 icons mostly in high quality.
It’s worth it the long download time and drinking a coffee meanwhile you wait for the big package. But it will certainly take time to search through all icons.
Some of them are also known from other collections, but there are many new icons included and it is definitely worth bookmarking.

Have fun with the two links.

iGoogle Gadget for your Blog

Since my wife uses her own computer and explores all the possibilities, I got a lot questions and found some interesting tools because of her. One of them is iGoogle. Experimenting with it makes every newbie happy and it is very easy to configure.

I came to the idea to offer the blog as a gadget for iGoogle. Everybody who likes to do the same can use this tutorial and doesn’t have to work through the Documentation of Google.
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