Download older plugin versions from

So you've updated your plugins...

... and your blog doesn't work anymore

... and you have no backup


... of course not!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could download the previous versions and get your blog back on track again? Well... you can!

Tell your browser to go to<your_plugin> and navigate to the rightmost tab called "Developers" (1):
Here you can download every version of the plugin ever published to Click on the version number to download the plugin as a ZIP file (2), use FTP to copy it to your server, and be happy again. Until next time.

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  1. Jack Cutts

    OMG! Why didn't I read this post earlier on? The same thing happened to me and I had to pay for a WP expert to help me correct the situation.

  2. sazid

    thanks for this post , it helps me solve a problem on my wordpress blog 🙂

  3. tim

    It happens quite frequently that buggy updates are released. Glad to see your post and helpful solution. A wp native downgrad button would be perfect in the backend plugin area - or a plugin for downgrading other plugins..

  4. joe

    thank you for usefull article

  5. Sonali

    I did not knew this! Once i upgraded a plugin and it ruined my site, i removed that plugin... now i will add that plugin's lower version 🙂

  6. Girish Chouhan

    Firstly thanks for post this, Actually i have updated my version and was unable my blog seem to work unproper, but this post really help me.Have a great Day.

  7. PURNA

    Thank you so much for the great post.. It solved my problem on my wordpress blog