New Navi-Design in WordPress 2.7

The Design and structure of the coming WordPress version 2.7 were presented several times already and discussed many times. Here are the new structure how the navigation design looks in WordPress 2.7, your thoughts?

WP 2.7 Navi. actually Beta
WP 2.7 Navi. actually Beta


The new Design, today (29/10/2008) in beta.

WP 2.7 with new Widget in Dashboard
WP 2.7 with new Widget in Dashboard





4 responses to “New Navi-Design in WordPress 2.7”

  1. tobias Avatar

    decent. Nothing exciting, but decent. Actually the first WP navigation that doesn’t make me want to download an admin-redesign plugin before I even login.

  2. Michael Avatar

    I agree.
    Only the width of the sidebar looks a bit small on my 22’Widescreen 😉

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  4. Frank Avatar

    I have update the screenshots with new design, very cool.