Help To Raise Money For Haiti!

Let’s Do Something!

You all probably know what happened in Haiti, we just don’t want to stand on the sidelines without doing anything. We want HELP!

Micha, Frank and I will spend 50 Euros each. Also Frank added his complete donations in 2009 (almost 150 Euros), he got from users for his Plugins plus he adds the same amount from his private account. And he started a fund-raising campaign on his German blog today, which brought in 200 Euros so far. So we have 650 Euros in total. We know, it’s not much, but maybe with your help, we can get even more for our donation account. We would greatly appreciate your donation to help the people in Haiti.

Just transfer, whatever amount you like, to the account below and we will make sure it will go to the people in need!

The victims will be very thankful for every penny and we will show our appreciation with a list of the ten highest private donations and 10 highest donations from our sponsors or other businesses in a coming post. If you are a private person or a company, we will mention your name or company on a coming post next week! Of course, only if you want to. / CC BY-NC 2.0

Please let us be proud of the WordPress community and join us to help!