wpTweety: Twitterwall With #WordPress As Focal Point

wptweetyWith the growing popularity of Twitter, the diversity of applications increases around the popular micro blogging service. wpTweety expands the range of available applications and sees itself as Twitterwall – as virtual bulletin board – for the latest Tweets about WordPress.

wpTweety collects messages about WordPress within Twitter and put them on a website, bundled and free from delay.

Twitterwall for activity around WordPress

wpTweety is simple. Also, the underlying principle and the technology behind it: In certain time intervals, wpTweety checks on the availability of messages with the hash tags #wordpress and #wp. Spam posts get removed, then the cleaned result get cached and be presented in form of a list. New entries expand the list, depending on availability – automatically, without reloading the site.

The proposed solution is a central place to have all tweets about WordPress on one Website. wpTweety highlights the latest entries in color, and allows direct reactions such as retweet and reply to displayed messages.

A pretty useful new Twitter application to tweet the latest news about WordPress or even tweet a job offer for a WordPress project.

What do you think about wpTweety, will you use it in the future as a great resource?

Interview with Michael

BTW, my team mate on WPEngineer, Michael had an interview on the German website “Selbständig im Netz” with some interesting questions about WPEngineer. Unfortunately only in German, but maybe some of our readers can understand! 🙂





One response to “wpTweety: Twitterwall With #WordPress As Focal Point”

  1. Ozh Avatar

    wpTweety is fun & pretty, but you can’t do much with it. For those who’d like to track tweets about #wordpress, they can follow @hashwordpress on Twitter