WordPress 2.8 Insights, The Favorite Actions

The new version of WordPress is in the starting blocks and got new features this week which is not immediately noticable, it affects the favorites in the header of your backend.

The favorites are changing from 2.8 in dependence of the page that you are using. I hope the screenshot shows it.

Also the Plugin page was revised. From version 2.8 on, WordPress saves user behaviors and hence you are always in the area that you used the last time – definitely an added value.
This applies also for the comment administration. In addition, the Plugin page has changed completely, so that you get an own summary on various topics.

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  1. redwall_hp

    Still no built-in way for users to customize the favorite actions menu? I guess my plugin is still cool then. 🙂


  2. Alex

    Your luck redwall_hp 😀