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  • Remove Menu Item in WordPress Admin Panel

    With WordPress Version 3.1 two new functions were added which makes it easier to remove menu- and submenu-entries in WordPress Admin Panel. These functions removing entries of the menu-tree remove_menu_page or submenus – remove_submenu_page.

  • Add trash button to WordPress Admin Bar

    Add trash button to WordPress Admin Bar

    Add Custom buttons to WordPress Admin Bar Since version 3.1 of WordPress you have an Admin Bar with several functions. It’s an easy task to add custom buttons to the Admin Bar. I will show you how with an example of a “trash” button. This will be another example how to extend your Admin Bar,…

  • View Blog ID in WordPress Multisite

    When you work quite a bit with WordPress Multisites, sometimes you need the IDs for some functions or Plugins. The easiest way is via the hover effect with your mouse or you use a little code snippet to add a column with the ID in the table view.

  • Move WordPress Admin Bar to the Bottom

    Not everybody likes the WordPress Admin Bar, which exists since WordPress 3.1, at the top of the browser. With just a bit CSS you can change it. The following function provides CSS directly in the footer of backend and frontend. It displays the Admin Bar at the bottom.

  • Add Menus to the Admin Bar of WordPress

    The new WordPress admin bar facilitates the access of backend and frontend to areas of the back end. Of course, this new control element of WordPress is expandable and can be adapted to the needs of the user. In some areas and for various needs, quick access to different areas is certainly interesting. The newly…

  • WordPress Debug Bar

    With version 3.1 of WordPress comes the Admin Bar, which we introduced in a previous article, and this also allows to add your own entries. And so there is, created by the development team of WordPress, a Plugin for additional information available. The Plugin Debug Bar docks on the Admin Bar and gives, with one…