Remove Inline Style Of WordPress Gallery Shortcode

Today I’ll give you a small tip for the WordPress Gallery. With version 3.1 of WordPress it is possible to replace the inline style of the core, it’s done easily with a Filter-Hook. Use this and include your custom style with the Theme in your frontend; no Plugins, CSS or functions in your Theme for this required – easy, but it works and this is the greatest part of WordPress – Hooks for everyone, everywhere
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Pretty permalinks without mod_rewrite

There are still some third-class web hosters who do allow the .htaccess files … and turn off the standard module mod_rewrite. But without mod_rewrite, WordPress cannot use pretty permalinks, right? Wrong!

There’s another directive we can use: ErrorDocument.

ErrorDocument 404 /index.php

This will do almost the same as the rewrite rules WordPress offers. It will not work with caching plugins like W3 Total Cache, it will not catch empty searches and other .htaccess tricks you may want to use. So consider this trick as a temporary solution until you have found a real web hoster.

Advent Calendar – Only Update The Core – The Fast Way!

Advent Calendar #1Same procedure as every year! Most of our readers already know of our Advent Calendar tradition, which we have every year before Christmas. What exactly an Advent Calendar is all about, that is explained on this post.

We open a door every day, which contains a little gift for our readers, by providing them a WordPress tip or trick each day until December 24th at WP Engineer. So we hope you will be exciting to see what tip, hack or news will be behind the door the next morning. Enjoy a new little WordPress gift every day until December 24th.

Here goes our first door

Since WordPress version 3.2 updating an existing installation is faster. A constant entered in the wp-config.php makes sure that everything in the folder wp-content won’t be touched and so are Plugins or Themes, which previously came along in the Core won’t be updated or reinstalled.

// Make WordPress core updates only update the core

And tomorrow another door will be open of our Advent Calendar!
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