Tag: WordPress Hacks

  • Dynamic Copyright Year In Your Footer

    The new year is already some days old but in many websites you still can see in their footer “copyright © 2006-2008 mysite.com”. Yeah Andy, on your blog too 😉 For everyone, who changes the year in their footer manually every year, here is a little tip:

  • Auto Shutoff Comments And Trackbacks

    You are searching for a Plugin, which deactivates in a specific time interval the trackbacks/pingbacks function? Is there a WordPress Plugin, which explicitly suppress trackbacks and comments on articles older than X days and no moderation is necessary? I show you a fast and easy solution,

  • Feed for Drafts (Plugin)

    We are already working with four authors at WPEngineer – so it’s quite useful to have a feed for drafts and everybody can look at it. If someone is writing a new post and saves as draft everybody get immediately notified via feed. There is also the possibility to get notified via email, but I…

  • Use JavaScript Libraries In And Of WordPress

    If you develop in and for WordPress, it’s advisable to use a library of the core and a Plugin for the the library with the desired effect. Same for theme and Plugin authors. If you use a function of WordPress to implement JavaScript, you will have less complications and the compatibility between Plugins is much…

  • Moving Your WordPress Blog To A New Domain

    Many blog owners are scared and hesitated to move their blog to another domain because they fear to lose their visitors, downtime and other complications. I will show you now how to get rid off this fear and how to avoid problems while you moving.

  • WordPress Shortcode API

    WordPress 2.5 extended the tagging function and added many little features. Among others the shortcode API for example, where you can add strings to a content in a fast and easy way. This makes the call from other functions in Plugins or theme functions much more easier. The possibilities of shortcodes are immense, many other…