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  • Create your own bulk actions

    Including version 4.6 it was quite difficult to add custom bulk actions to the WordPress admin pages. In version 4.7 a hook is added that simplifies the task a lot: add_action(‘bulk_actions-{screen_id}’, ‘my_bulk_action’); Defining the hook As an example we’ll use the post page, the variables are named accordingly. add_filter( ‘bulk_actions-edit-post’, ‘register_my_bulk_actions’ );

  • wp topics – Most Relevant News, Useful Tutorials And Influential Voices of WordPress in One Place!

    Today we have a little link tip for our readers: At wp topics you can find all useful news, hacks, tutorials about WordPress in one place right away! It’s organized by “General News”, “Coding & Tutorials”, “Design & Themes”, “Entrepreneurs”, “Multimedia” and “Automattic Team”. In each category are the most relevant and interesting websites about…