New Screenshots Of WordPress 3.0

Unfortunately we don’t have time right now to write new posts, but at least we want you to show some new screenshots of WordPress 3.0.

WordPress 3.0 Background settings

WordPress background settings

Now you have the option to set positon, repeat and attachment.

WordPress 3.0 Header Image

WordPress 3.0 Header Image8 header images are available in the new theme TwentyTen.

WordPress 3.0 Menu Settings

WordPress 3.0 Menu Screenshot

WordPress 3.0 Custom Background Support

In WordPress 3.0, it will have, additional to the Custom Header Image support, also a Custom Background Support. A first snapshot is in the current trunk. To use the functionality, the theme needs in functions.php this line:


After that, there is in your backend under Appearance the menu Custom Background available.

WordPress 3.0 Custom Background Step 1

After uploading an image, you have the option to activate “Tile the background” and delete the background image.

WordPress 3.0 Custom Background Support Step 2

Here the result with the new Theme Twenty Ten.

Theme Twenty Ten with Custom Background Support

Contactable – Contact Form Easy with WordPress

The integration of a contact form in WordPress usually begins with a search of a Plugin and often ends with a great effort too. Since scripts are loaded on all pages and posts – only to be integrated on one side of a form. The blog is only as good as his technician and I would like to show a very simple way how to integrate a contact form into your own blog without much knowledge.
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WordPress Widget-Areas with Description

Using WordPress version 2.9, there is now a possibility that we can write more detailed description for the widget areas. This is especially interesting when you define different widget areas, depending of categories or because the theme author defines various widget areas, that allows adjustments in more areas than just the sidebar. I do this for example in the theme Greyfoto, where the footer area is also equipped with widgets.
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