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  • Search Form in WP Nav Menu

    Search Form in WP Nav Menu

    The WP Nav Menu is very popular and WordPress users love to implement their content in the navigation that way. Many users also like to have a search field in their navigation. In this context I found some horrible written solutions to implement the search field in the navigation. That’s why I thought I write […]

  • Adding Input Fields To Comment Form

    Adding Input Fields To Comment Form

    Most comment forms contain the same input fields: Name, Email, URL and the comment text field. This is sufficient for most use cases but there are situations where you might want to know a bit more about your commenter: their age, the city they live in, or the color of their underwear. This article explains […]

  • WordPress Template Tag Reference Guide

    WordPress Template Tag Reference Guide

    There is a new, nicely organized, Reference Guide for Template Tags in WordPress 3.0. This is a nice resource next to the Codex for Template Tags. Visual nicely done and containing only the minimum information, the guide is a perfect tool when developing Themes. Have fun using it.

  • Understand WordPress Child Theme

    With version 3.0 of WordPress, the much anticipated feature of Child Themes was integrated or some might say it was improved, since it was actually possible to use it. I like to show you an example based on the new default Theme TwentyTen how you use it. Another example can be found in my WP […]

  • List All Subcategories

    Sometimes you just need a list of all child categories only and nothing else. The requirements of projects can be very diverse, as the solution can, and in my case it is a small code snippet that takes care of the output of Subcategories. Something for you to play, improve and expand. Enjoy!

  • Use More Flexibility In WordPress Templates

    Those who have wanted to create their Theme for WordPress quite flexible, and loves the modularization, had always to involve the path to the template. With WordPress 3.0, this will be different and it is possible to use a function, which makes it easy to load the template.