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  • Update RSS Language Value

    And today opens the 13th door of our Advent Calendar. You cannot only use a language key for your blog, but also for your feed:<language>en</language>. WordPress also has provided an option, but not easy to maintain. However, it is advisable to use the key according to the codec and therefore I show you some ways.

  • Feed Cache in WordPress

    WordPress already offers the possibility of own functions to read feeds and use it in your blog. Since version 2.8 of WordPress, a new feature is in use for that. So there are two ways to work with feeds in WordPress, and in both functions, the data is cached. But this is not always wanted, […]

  • Customize Your WordPress-Feeds

    WordPress offers several different feeds for your reader, but not always is their desired format available. In some cases the reader has the desire to receive just specific news of a website and not all of them. WordPress is flexible enough to meet these requirements. How you can implement this via function in a theme […]

  • Disable WordPress Feed

    A really good feature for many websites and already a standard on many blogs is the possibility to subscribe via feed for new posts. But if you use WordPress for a specific purpose, for example as a CMS, it’s possible that you really don’t need that feature because it has no extra value for your […]