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  • WordPress Pagination Again

    Some days ago, Frank wrote a post about Custom Pagination without WordPress Plugins. Jay comment, that something like this already exists (since Version 2.1). We don’t know everything. 😉

  • Custom Pagination without WordPress Plugins

    Custom Pagination without WordPress Plugins

    On day 9 of our Advents Calendar we show a custom pagination function which allows a user to insert custom next, previous or numbered page links into a post. Use the follow code for an custom plugin or insert the function in your theme, inside the functions.php. Please see the second code-area for an example […]

  • Hide The Comment Pagination

    Ever since version 2.7 WordPress offers the option to adjust the number of comments on each page. From SEO’s perspective, this is not very smart, as there were many articles and discussions about this topic in the past. If you turn off the comment pagination, the empty HTML fragment is still in the source code […]

  • Correct Pagination with get_posts

    If you like to show your posts a little bit different on your homepage or category page. For example having a different amount of posts showing on these pages, as it is set in your admin, you will get a problem with the pagination function. Because WordPress and several paging Plugins use $wp_query->max_num_pages.