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  • Add Avatar To WordPress Default

    Avatars are popular as identification and with the service Gravatar it is largely used in the comment area of different applications. WordPress allows the user some basic settings. For example loading a default or generated Avatar, if the commentator doesn’t have one. Various themes have a standard Avatar to match the design. But even here […]

  • Identify Authors With Gravatars

    Since WordPress version 2.5, it is easier to include the Gravatar of a comment author in the comments. WordPress offers a feature that is easy to use and it brings some parameters with. In order to use and how to include a Gravatar, I would refer to the article „Gravatar Use Easy“. But with this […]

  • Gravatars Use Easy

    Since version 2.5 of WordPress, Gravatar service is included in the core files. On one hand, you can use it to make the comment overview more nicely. But you can also integrate this function in your template and you don’t have to use a Plugin.