Tag: Constants

  • Know The Constants Of An WordPress Installation

    Today I will show you how to display the constants you use in your WordPress installation. Here is a small code snippet to list the defined constants.

  • Feed Cache in WordPress

    WordPress already offers the possibility of own functions to read feeds and use it in your blog. Since version 2.8 of WordPress, a new feature is in use for that. So there are two ways to work with feeds in WordPress, and in both functions, the data is cached. But this is not always wanted, […]

  • WordPress Database Repair Script In 2.9

    A little tip for all users of the existing beta of WordPress 2.9 and for all who wish to update soon to the new version. With version 2.9 WordPress conducts its own routine to optimize the database. Previously it was done by either Plugins or via SQL access. From the next version this function is […]

  • WordPress Trash Is Coming

    I would like to show you briefly what the new function trash is all about. Users of Gmail are aware of the possibility in a web application: you move content into the trash and the content will be deleted after a certain time. Alternatively, you can also restore the content, always depending on a defined […]

  • WordPress Proxysupport

    Who is using WordPress in an intranet environment, will quickly realize, that despite internet connection, no feed content gets loaded in the backend. In general, it’s because of the proxy of the company. So far WordPress wasn’t particularly flexible in this case. As of WordPress 2.8 that will change and new constants make ensure that […]

  • Use Constants To Integrate WordPress In Other CMS

    Sometimes you need to integrate WordPress into another CMS, like Typo3, Drupal or whatever is out there. The blog should have the same design, use same images and Javascript or implement existing links. Mostly you run the WordPress blog on a subdomain like blog.example.com and the data lies on example.com/css/ and so on.