Tag: Advent Calendar

  • Display The Total Number Of Registered Users

    Anyone who operates a community using WordPress, and would like to display the total number of registered users, can easily and quickly use the following small code snippet. It reads via SQL the content of the table “users“, and the numbers of IDs getting counted. This value simply gets wrapped around a text. $myusers =…

  • Custom Fields in your Feed

    Since I work very often with custom fields and integrate various functions in my theme, I noticed something which I use extensively. I fill my feed exclusively with content from the custom fields.

  • Configure WordPress Trash

    Check out our 7th door of our Advent Calendar. WordPress Trash will have it’s premiere in version 2.9. Now you can move every content, comment, post, pages, media and link to trash. It’s quite the same function as you know from other online applications or operating systems.

  • Check for Widgets in Widget-Areas

    Welcome to our 6th door of our Advent Calendar. 🙂 If you use widgets in your theme and this also accommodates a variety of hierarchies, you will quickly realize that it really only makes sense to output HTML for the widgets when the widget area is also used by the user.

  • 5th Post Of Our Advent Calendar: Theme Uninstaller

    Enjoy our 5th post of our Advent Calendar: More and more WordPress themes, especially commercial themes, have an option page. The settings are stored in the database. Only few themes have an uninstall button to delete these settings in your database.

  • New Category Templates in WordPress 2.9

    Until now you had to use a query in your theme or a Plugin to adjust the design or the content according to a specific category. In version 2.9 the template hierarchy gets expanded and you can create with the help of a slug an own template.