Feed for Drafts (Plugin)

We are already working with four authors at WPEngineer – so it's quite useful to have a feed for drafts and everybody can look at it. If someone is writing a new post and saves as draft everybody get immediately notified via feed.

There is also the possibility to get notified via email, but I thought it's more convenient to let everybody know about new drafts through our feed reader. That's why I checked out how to create your own feed. With the help of the loop you can do quite a lot, as you can see in our previous post „Customize Your WordPress-Feeds“.

You are welcome to use the following small Plugin (download link at the end of this post) or use the displayed code below to create your own feed.
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Last Day To Vote For Us To Be The Coolest Blog Powered By WordPress

Hey fellow readers,

today is the last day to vote for the coolest blog powered by WordPress and because of your great help we are on an awesome 4th place! Thank you sooo much for your great support. We are only 40 votes behind the 3rd and only 60 votes behind the 2nd place. We really appreciate if everybody can vote for wpengineer.com today. It would be a great reward for our hard work.

Just go to their voting list and vote for WP Engineer.com . Thanks a lot, we are already amazed by our readership!

Cheat Sheet for Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions can really be a pain in the ass – so any help is normally welcome. Today I will present a Cheat Sheet by AddedBytes.com which is really helpful when dealing with regular expressions. I'm proud to announce this sheet, because they also have a variety of other great cheat sheets available for download on their site.

The newest one concentrates on regular expressions – simple yet colorful as ususal.

In the end I would like to recommend another useful Plugin for Firefox this time. The Regular Expression Tester can also be of great help.

Use JavaScript Libraries In And Of WordPress

If you develop in and for WordPress, it's advisable to use a library of the core and a Plugin for the the library with the desired effect.

Same for theme and Plugin authors. If you use a function of WordPress to implement JavaScript, you will have less complications and the compatibility between Plugins is much higher.
I will show you an example with Thickbox how to use JavaScript from the core.

There are many possibilities to implement the „Lightbox“ effect on your website. Let's take a close look on a way to use it without a Plugin.
WordPress has Thickbox in their standard installation, so it's not very complicated to use it.
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We Made It On The List Of The Coolest Blog Powered By WordPress

Yee haw!!! Today we made it on the top 20 list of the coolest blog powered by WordPress on WP Freedom Blog, thanks guys!!!

Now it's time to vote for the coolest blog ever. It would be a great support if you help us to be the one. Just go to their voting list and vote for WP Engineer.com We greatly appreciate that and your support will motivate us even more to provide you with great content.

Yes we can! 😉